Setting up 

To start Auto Save just say "Auto Save" to Cleo in messenger and it will take you through the steps to get set up.  If you don't have a wallet set up already you will have to set one up to use Auto Save.  

How does it work? 

Auto save is totally free to use with a wallet set up on Cleo. 👌

Once you have Auto Save set up Cleo will scan your accounts and calculate what’s OK to move into your wallet based on your spending habits.  Cleo will never transfer more than you can afford and never take you into your overdraft. 

The money you save will go into your Cleo Wallet which you can view on your accounts page here

It can take between 2 - 4 working days for these transfers to show on your wallet but you should be able to see the pending transaction on your accounts page

How do I stop auto saving?

Say "disable autosaving" to Cleo at anytime to stop any auto save messages or transfers.  

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