🇺🇸 In theUS 

To change the funding source attached to your wallet you have to withdraw all the funds to the current funding source.  To do this just say "withdraw $amount" to Cleo in messenger and wait for the balance to be at zero.  The outgoing transaction could take up to 4 working days to process. 

Then go to this page and hit "unlink bank" which will detach the current funding source and give you the option to add another.  

Please note you have to have the new account you want to connect with attached to your Cleo account already.  To add another bank account to Cleo go to your accounts page here.

🇬🇧 In the UK

To update the card attached to you Cleo wallet, enter your new card details here

Cleo will use this card to make deposits into your account when you have an auto-saving or make a manual saving.

To update the bank account attached to your Cleo wallet input your details here

Cleo will use the bank account you add for any withdrawals you make and deposit them into this account.  

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