The Salary Advance is our answer to the utter injustice of overdraft fees and the scary-expensive world of payday loans; it’s part of Cleo Plus, our subscription service, which costs just $5.99 a month. 

The Salary Advance is a parachute - it’s there for emergencies, if you need it to keep you out of your overdraft because of unexpected happenings.

If you qualify, Cleo can give you a no-interest loan of up to $100 to help you stay out your overdraft. You pick your repayment date - anywhere between 3 and 28 days - and pay Cleo back when you reach it. 

After you’ve paid Cleo back and cooled-off from the buzz of your account being in the black, you can ask Cleo for another advance. 

And no, this won’t affect your credit score.

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