Complete satisfaction is not easy to achieve. But here at Cleo, we make darn sure that this is something we aim for. We understand that you may not be 100% pleased with Cleo at the moment; we know we have our flaws - we’re working on it! But we ask you for a second chance. Not a second chance to make things right. But a second chance to prove to you that we can be better, even after we fall.

We value your feedback. Through it, you help us change the world’s broken finances and make an even better product that supports you and our users all the way through this monetary journey!

If you would still like to unsubscribe from Cleo Plus, say “cancel Cleo Plus" or “unsubscribe from Plus” to Cleo in Facebook Messenger or the App, and she'll walk through it with you. Keep in mind however, that this would mean that you lose access towards our Salary Advance feature, the Daily Cash awards and the Cash Back trait!

As per our T&Cs, if you cancel Cleo Plus within 7 days of signing up then you'll be refunded your $5.99 payment.

This money will go back to your Cleo wallet. Once the money hits your wallet, you can withdraw it by saying "Withdraw $5.99" to Cleo in the messenger.

⏰ Please note that refunds can take 4 business days to process 

Cleo’s sad to see you go, and she said she’ll miss you. She also said that life’s always easier with a buddy by your side! 

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