💬Say "cancel cleo plus" to Cleo 

We’re genuinely sorry that you want to stop your Cleo Plus subscription, and not just because that’s how we make our money. 

We actually want to change the world’s broken finances and make a product that supports you all the way through your life - from getting through College to buying your first house. 

Every time someone unsubscribes it means there’s a person that we’ve failed to support. We would value your feedback on why you’ve decided to unsubscribe from Cleo Plus. 

💬 Say “cancel cleo plus"  or “unsubscribe from plus” to Cleo in Facebook Messenger or the App, and she'll walk through it with you

As per our T&Cs, if you cancel Cleo Plus 7 days of signing up then you'll be refunded your $5.99 payment. 

This money will go back to your Cleo wallet. Once the money hits your wallet, you can withdraw it by saying "Withdraw $5.99" to Cleo in the messenger. 

⏰ Please note that refunds can take 4 business days to process

And yes, I always convey genuine emotional pain with MLP gifs 💔

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