Update on August 25 2022: We're currently in the works of revamping our Game. You can still play, but we've paused the prize money until further notice.

What's this game, then?

Every week, Cleo challenges you to a quiz about your money. Most of the questions are about your spending that week. All questions are multiple choice.

When can I play?

Every Saturday, and only on Saturday. Cleo will hit you up when the game's ready to go - just respond to the message.

What's the point?

First, and most importantly: to help you really know your money. Cleo could ask about anything from where you've spent most money this week, to how much you'd save if you cut in certain places. 

But it's fun! Promise.

 And I can win money?

Yeah! That's the second (2) big reason to play. Get all the answers right, and you're entered into a prize draw. You could win nothing, or... you could win cash, instantly.

Why did you change the prize amounts?

When we first launched the game, we were giving out little tiny prizes to everyone. Like, 25 cents each. 

We decided bigger prizes would be more fun. Now you might not win, but you might also get $10 - $20 just for answering a quiz about your money. 

I answered all the questions right, but no cash...

That's the way it goes, pal. Keep playing - the money is there and being given out every week.

How do you decide who wins?

Anyone who answers all the questions correctly wins, in the financial awareness stakes! But if you're talking about cash prizes... 

We decide how many ways we're going to split the pot each week - 100 people to win $10, say. We then randomly select that quantity of numbers - 14th, 29th, and so on until 100 are chosen - and that number 'winner' is given an instant cash payout. So, if you're the 14th player, you'll get an instant tenner.

The randomly selected numbers change every week. You can't play the system.

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