How do I view my bills?

Head over to the Bills page on the web dashboard, or say "edit bills" to Cleo and hit the Edit bills button.

Here you will see an overview of your bills. 

How do I add or remove a bill?

When you're on the Bills page click the Select or remove bills button to reveal a list of potential bills. 

Put a next to the entries that are bills, and leave the ones that aren't blank O.

You can also mark something as a bill from the Dashboard. Click directly on the transaction if on mobile or on the drop-down category menu below any transaction if on desktop and select 'Bills'. 

A box will appear asking whether you'd like to mark all transactions of this type as bills or if it's Just this one.

Hit the relevant button and this transaction will now be listed as a bill - you can change it back using the same drop-down menu.

If you would like to completely exclude the transaction from your bills, budget and insights select 'Exclude' from the drop down menu.

Still don't see your bill? 

Keep scrolling down the list of potential bills and put a next to entries which should also be recognised as bills. You can also use the search bar to find something specific.

How do I edit a bill?

Head over to the Bills page on the web dashboard, or say "edit bills" to Cleo and hit the Edit bills button. 

Click on the bill you want to edit from your list of bills. You can't change the name of a bill, but you can change the frequency, amount or due date by clicking on the words and numbers in blue on the right. 

'Transactions' tells you how many time this bill has come out of your account - you can't change this number. 

When you've made the changes hit Save. You can also hit Remove Bill to take the transaction off your list of bills.

How do I add a bill that isn't in my transactions?

Sometimes you'll have bills that don't appear on Cleo - those paid in cash or cheque, or on a bank account that you can't connect to Cleo.

When you're on the Bills page click Select or remove bills and then hit the Can't see a bill? button to add your own bill.

You can add the name, amount, frequency and due date of a bill that doesn't appear on Cleo. When you're done just click Add to Bills.

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