We’re pledging to cover you up to $250,000 because we know how safe you are with Cleo. We use 256-bit encryption and security practices that match those of your bank. 

Cleo is part of a revolution in the way that we - all of us - manage our money. It’s a movement based on transparency, ease of use, and financial empowerment. We stand in stark contrast to traditional banking, which can often feel stressful and inefficient. We’re here to actually help people improve their financial situation.

That means we have to be not just as good, but better than the banks. More useful. Better equipped to anticipate and serve people’s needs. Saving for a new baby? We get it. Need help watching your budget towards the end of the month? We’re here for you. Panicked by the prospect of checking your balance everyday? Let’s change that.

People rely on Cleo every day as they budget, track their spending, and move towards a simpler financial reality. Our world class security practices are the foundation of that relationship. 

$250k tells you that we’ll match your bank in security. But we’ll beat them on everything else.

What’s protected?

The Cleo pledge provides protection for up to $250,000 in losses to US bank accounts and credit cards where the losses are attributable to sign-up and use of Cleo. Payments are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions. 

Cleo pledge payment requests can be submitted by contacting customer service directly on team@meetcleo.com

Users seeking payment under the Cleo pledge agree to cooperate with Cleo AI, including providing documentation of the claimed loss (including a signed police report citing connection of the loss to Cleo), and agreeing to inspection in the rare cases when it may be necessary.

What’s not protected?

Fraud or losses which are not caused by your use of Cleo won’t be covered, for example fraud after: 

  • Losing your bank or credit card

  • Online purchases

  • Sharing your details with other parties 

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