95% of bank connect issues can be resolved by doing two things:

  1. Log onto your online banking via a desktop/laptop. Typically you'll be asked an additional security question to verify Cleo.

  2. Try to connect via Cleo again.

What about Errors? 

Sometimes you'll encounter an error whilst linking your accounts. It's usually an issue with your bank being slow to open or close a connection and our system throws an error. Usually trying again or coming back at a later date works best for now. We're working with the banks to make this more reliable!

Top errors you may come across and what to do to solve them 

Invalid credentials 

  1. Log into your online banking, and ensuring the details you have enable successful login

  2. Waiting 10-20 mins

  3. Attempting to add your bank account to Cleo again

Another active session 

Our data partner has found your online banking login to be active elsewhere. 

In order to connect your account to Cleo, please could you log out of your online banking or mobile app, wait 10 minutes and then try again.

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