The Cleo Wallet supports The following types of transactions while you are using Cleo in the UK and the US

You can see all of your wallet transactions on your wallet page here. 

Autosave - Any Auto Save transactions will show on your wallet page 

Manual deposit - Manual deposits through messenger or the dashboard 

Withdrawal - Withdrawals made by you through messenger or the dashboard 

Cleo Plus Subscription - Monthly charge for Cleo Plus subscription will be on the same day every month

Referral - Any friend referrals that you benefit from will go into your wallet 

Game winnings - If you are lucky enough to with the Game on a Saturday then your prize will be in your wallet

🇬🇧 In the UK? 

If you have taken out an advance in the UK you will also be able to see any Salary Advance payments or repayments

Salary Advance Payment - Salary Advances from Cleo to yourself

Salary Advance Repayment - Any repayments you have made 

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