When you are setting up a wallet, you can be "suspended" by our savings provider DWOLLA.  

DWOLLA uses your SSN to cross-check the information on your government record with the information you provide us.  If this information doesn't match then you will be "suspended".  

We process suspensions at the end of each day so if you try again tomorrow you should be successful, just make sure you provide your legal name and DOB when filling out the first form. 

Asked to provide a document? 

DWOLLA may also prompt you to verify your identity by providing a document.  It takes 2 working days for your document to be verified.  If there is an issue with the document you have provided you will receive an email telling you why it has been rejected and giving you the option to resubmit it.  If it has been longer than 2 working days and you haven't heard anything get in touch.

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