The Cleo Wallet supports two types of saving - manual and Auto-Saving.ย 

If you have Auto-Saving turned on, Cleo will aim to move money to your Wallet once a week, on a Thursday. She will send you a notification on Wednesday if she thinks you can afford to put money in your Wallet, and the transfer will be made the following day unless you decline the saving.ย 

To deposit money into your wallet you can say 'deposit' followed by the amount you want to put away e.g. 'deposit $5'. You can do this in the App, and Cleo will move the amount from the account you have attached to your Wallet.

To withdraw any money from your wallet, just say 'withdraw' followed by the amount you would like to take out e.g. 'withdraw $5'. Cleo will then move that money into the bank account associated with your Wallet.

If you are withdrawing a dollar amount, e.g. $5, please do not say 'withdraw $5.00' (with the decimal point) as that would confuse Cleo and will let her think you're trying to request a Salary Advance. So, to avoid that, please only say 'withdraw' followed by the dollar amount, e.g. 'withdraw $5'.

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