How does it work?

Daily Cash is included in your Cleo Plus subscription and is Cleo's way of giving you instant cashback on your spending. You pick offers and with each spend, you get cashback straight into your Cleo Wallet. You can also get cashback for completing Cleo's regular challenges.

Daily Cash is made up of Money Makers, click throughs, and Cleo Offers.

What are Money Makers?

You can choose Money Makers based on the places you shop most often. Each time you spend at your chosen Money Makers, you will get a percentage of your spend as cashback straight into your Cleo Wallet.

You can have up to 5 Money Makers at any given time!

We've partnered with Button to bring you a wide selection of stores and retailers. We will be adding to this list so keep your eyes peeled 👀

Splurge responsibly with click throughs..

On your Daily Cash page there are also links to online stores. Click on a link and if you make a purchase at that merchant you get cashback into your Cleo Wallet.

You can earn up to 7% cash back on your spending 💸

What are Cleo's challenges?

Set up a budget? Talk to Cleo everyday? Complete Cleo's challenges and you get cashback straight into your Cleo Wallet. Cleo bribes you to manage your money.

Find out how to claim your Daily Cash here.

For more information on Daily Cash terms and exclusions head here.

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