You’re struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month, your paycheck doesn’t quite go far enough, and your last grocery shop chalked up some serious overdraft fees.*

Retail banking is broken. Payday lenders are out to get you. And mom isn’t going to lend you anymore until you agree to go round for dinner. 

If any of this sounds familiar then you might need a Salary Advance; if you qualify, we can lend you up to $100 to help you stay out your overdraft and make that last week until payday feel a little bit shorter.

You pick your repayment date and pay us back when you reach it.

Think of it as a parachute, helping you land safely at the end of the month. 

Oh, and unlike banks or payday lenders, we don’t charge interest.

Our charge is the Cleo Plus subscription fee. Which will save you *does quick maths*... a lot on overdraft fees or ridiculous interest rates. 

*Our US users spend, on average, $70 a month on overdraft fees. In the UK it’s a less terrifying £17, but that’s still money that you shouldn’t have to give to your bank.

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