💬 Say “Salary Advance” to Cleo in messenger and she’ll let you know. You don’t even have to put a question mark there, she’s just that smart.

If you qualify, congratulations, go ahead and take out an advance 🙏

If not, don’t panic. There are specific reasons you might not qualify for our salary advance at the moment, like your spending habits, whether you’re sticking to your budget, or whether you’ve got regular income. Anything that let’s Cleo know how likely you are to be able to pay back.

Whether or not you qualify can change weekly, this is nothing to worry about either. 

Cleo will help you out and coach you towards qualifying, which leaves you better off in the long run.

We know you need the money, but we’re also not a bank and we refuse to let you get into a worse off place than where you started 👍

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