We totally get your frustration. You’ve paid the money to get the Salary Advance and Cleo says you can’t have it.

We designed the Salary Advance to be a parachute - it’s for use in emergencies only, just to keep you afloat til payday.

It’s not meant to solve all your financial problems, but maybe as we build more features for Cleo Plus, we can create a range of products that will. 

There are other features that you get for that subscription payment each month - like Daily Cash, cashback on your everyday spends straight to your Cleo Wallet.

Cleo works out whether you qualify based on how likely you are to be able to pay back. She looks at your paycheck, your spending habits, your budget; she does *a lot* of number crunching and uses some heckin’ complex math to work it out, and more often than not, she’s right.

If you don't qualify at the moment, Cleo will coach you towards qualifying🎯

💬 Say “do I qualify” and she’ll let you know what you have to do to get that advance; it can still be yours, if you follow her advice.

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