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How do I repay my cash advance?
How do I repay my cash advance?
The day has arrived and you’re ready to repay your advance
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Cleo will try and take the money automatically on your repayment date – she'll remind you about repayment two days before it's due. 

💬 If you want to repay, simply say "repay" or "payback" to Cleo's chat in the app.

📅  If you've taken out the advance with a card, your repayment will usually clear within three business days.

Cleo will always let you know if your repayment fails; you might not have enough money in your account or something might have gone wrong. Cleo will then try and take the payment again at a later date.

If you’ve just repaid your advance, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before taking out another 😎

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