What is Autosave?
If you want to learn about Cleo's savehacks, then here's an article for you!
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Autosave is Cleo's way of helping you hide money from yourself. Think of it as an invisibility cloak - you might not be able to see it, but it definitely still exists

To turn on Autosave, just type "autosave" to Cleo in the app. From there you'll follow the instructions to set up a Wallet and savings goal. Then you'll be able to select which savehack(s) you want to turn on πŸ’ͺ

Btw, before you start saving, you'll have to set up a Cleo Wallet so Cleo has somewhere to stash your cash. Find out how to set up your Wallet here

How does Autosave work?

There are four different ways Cleo can help you save:

🐷 Set & Forget: Pick an amount up to $24 and Cleo will set it aside each week for you

🐷 Round Up: Cleo rounds up and sets aside the change from your spends each week

🐷 Smart Save: Cleo uses ✨ magical algorithms ✨ to set aside money each week

🐷 Swear Jar: Get "fined" when you spend at selected retailers (the fine goes into your Cleo Wallet each week)

The money gets transferred into your Cleo Wallet every Thursday πŸ’Έ

Where can I see my savings?

You can see how much money Cleo's stashed away for you in your Cleo Wallet, which you can find in the "Save" tab

If you don't see your savings right away, don't panic. Autosave transactions can take up to 4 business days to show up in your Cleo Wallet. But you should be able to see them pending in the "Save" tab under "Recent Savings" 😎

How do I turn off Autosave?

If you want to turn off Autosave, just type "turn off autosave" to Cleo in the app

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