3 reasons why you might be wanting your money back:

1. You're not sure why you've been charged by Cleo, but you want that money back

This article should help you to work out what that charge was for and, depending on the nature of the payment, how to get it back.

2. You've paid for Cleo Plus, and you'd like a refund

We're really sad to see you go, but understand that some things in life just aren't meant to be. You can read all about our refund policy right here.

3. You've got money in your Wallet and you need it back ASAP ⏰

💬Just say "withdraw" followed by the amount you'd like to get back. For example, if you've moved $20 to your Cleo Wallet and you want it back in your account, you'd say "withdraw $20" to Cleo in Facebook Messenger or the App, and the money will reappear within 4 business days.

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