Sometimes you don’t have enough money, or you turn transactions off on your card, or life happens. 

Cleo isn’t judging you, we promise (but if you do want judgement say “roast me”, you’ll get it in spades)

You won’t be able to access our salary advance and other Plus features unless you’ve paid your subscription. 

Cleo will try again a few times in the month after it first failed, but if you need access to your subscription now, do as follows:

  1. Check that you have enough money in your account. 

  2. Check that your cards is A-OK - are transactions turned on?; has it expired or does it need updating?; did you lose it and forget?

  3. Once you’ve sussed out the above, have a chat with Cleo’s humans on Intercom. We can only retry the payment on the day (we can’t pick a vague future date) so be sure to have the 💵

After a month, if your payment has failed, your subscription will lapse and you’ll have to sign up again.

💬 Say "subscribe" to Cleo and she'll sort you out. 

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