Hey, it’s cool, we all make mistakes. 

When you cancel outside of the 7 day refund window, your access to Cleo Plus will keep going until the end of your ‘subscription month.’

Before the End of your Subscription

Anytime during that month you can un-cancel - like switching the light back on 💡

Now, pay attention because the next bit is super important. 

💬 Say “salary advance” to Cleo and she’ll give you a menu. Hit the ‘spot me 🚀’ button, and then on the next menu hit ‘Overdraft Cover’ again. Cleo will then tell you when your sub ends and give you the option to ‘re-up.’ Do that. 

Once you’ve re-subbed, your next subscription payment will come out 28 days after you first signed up. 

After the End of your Subscription

If the end of that ‘subscription month’ has been and gone, you’ll have to sign up again. 

💬 Say “Cleo Plus” to Cleo in messenger and she’ll hook you up.

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