Sometimes you’ll need to spend your hard-saved money. Or maybe Cleo auto saved some for you and you need it back 💸

You can only withdraw money if it’s actually in your Wallet - if it’s ‘pending’ you’ll have to wait for it to clear.

We've also included some info on transaction times at the bottom of this article. 

There are a couple of ways to get money out your Wallet.

Talk to Cleo

💬 Say “Withdraw $amount” to Cleo. 

She’ll repeat the amount back to you and ask you to ‘confirm’. Make sure you hit the ‘confirm’ button or your money ain’t going anywhere. 

If you change your mind, hit ‘Wait no’ and she’ll cancel the transaction.

Hit a Button

💬 Say “Wallet” to Cleo. 

She’ll bring up a graph and underneath will be three buttons, one says ‘Withdraw’. Hit that and type how much you want to take out. Then confirm it as above.

Transaction Times

It takes 4 business days for your money to clear into your bank account (so weekends and holidays don’t count). 

We know, it’s a long time. We’re trying to speed it up. In the meantime, see it as a way to practice planning ahead. 

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