Yep, you too can save money.

There are a couple of ways you can put money into your Wallet (and we’ve included info on transaction times at the end).

Talk to Cleo

💬 Say “deposit $/£ amount” to Cleo.

She’ll repeat the amount back to you and ask you to ‘Do it 👍’ Make sure you hit the ‘Do it 👍’ button or your money ain’t going anywhere. 

If you change your mind, hit ‘No thanks ⛏’ and she’ll cancel the transaction.

Hit a Button

💬 Say “Wallet” to Cleo. 

She’ll bring up a graph and underneath will be three buttons. Hit the one that says ‘Deposit’. Then confirm as above.

Transaction Times 


It takes 4 business days for your money to clear into your Cleo Wallet (so weekends and holidays don’t count). 

We know, it’s a long time. We’re trying to speed it up. In the meantime, see it as a way to practice planning ahead. 


It takes up to 4 working days for the money to hit your bank account (again, no weekends or holidays).

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