What a fiscally thoughtful adult you are 👍


First you’ll have to withdraw all the money into the account attached to your Wallet.

💬 Say "withdraw $amount” to Cleo. 

It will take 4 business days for your money to withdraw. 

💬 Then say “wallet” to Cleo and hit ‘View 🌠’ (if you’re in the app hit ‘Manage your Wallet’).

Hit ‘Update bank’ and Cleo will give you the option to link an existing bank to your Wallet or to add a new account to Cleo via Plaid.

Remember, any account linked to your Cleo Wallet has to be connected to your Cleo account already.

The money you manually move in or out your Cleo Wallet and all your auto saves will now happen with this account. 


💬 Say “wallet” to Cleo, hit ‘View 🌠’ (if you’re in the app hit ‘Manage your Wallet’).

Hit the button that says ‘Update bank’ and you’ll be prompted to add your new bank details. You’ll also be asked to set up a direct debit.

The money you manually move out your Cleo Wallet will go into this account. 

If you’re a UK Cleo Plus subscriber then your subscription payments will come out this account if you don’t have enough funds in your Wallet.

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