Here’s what Cleo can do:

💎 Account aggregation

Looping all your accounts and financial providers into one place

💬 Instant answers

Chat is at the heart of the app. Immediate responses for everything from “can I afford a pizza” to “where can I cut back this month?”

🤸‍♂️ Tracking

Hit up monthly breakdowns, category comparisons, your most expensive merchants and more by chatting with Cleo

🎯 Budgeting

Cleo backtracks 3 months of historic spending transactions to land you a tailor made budget. 5 minutes after you’ve signed up

👀 Proactive notifications

Notifications, quizzes, updates, insights and challenges to help you look at money from a different angle

🌱 Autosave

(The “hide money from yourself” feature) Cleo figures out how much you can afford to save each week and puts it aside

🌎 Goals

Tell us what you want and we'll get you there: with plans, targets and guidance to save up for anything from a coffee to a car

💰Saving Styles

Round ups, smart saving and if you're feeling extreme...fines. Yep, spend at Uber/McDonalds/whatever your weakness is and Cleo will move up to $5 into your savings

🔥 Motivation

A good friend supports you, but an excellent friend tells you exactly where you’re f**king up. Type “Roast me” or “Hype me” for a boost

🔮 Fortune Mode

Seeing your spending = v helpful. But predicting them so you’re ahead of your bad habits? Welcome to the future.

Need a bit more help? Cleo+ features

Our subscription service. For extra Cleo-ness.

⚡️ Up to 7% Cashback

Savings for spenders: get click through offers, streak rewards and cold hard cash every time you shop at your regulars

⏰ Salary Advance

If you qualify, Cleo can spot you for a Salary Advance to stop you going into your overdraft (interest free because we hate your bank that much)

👀  Credit Coach

40% of you don’t know your credit score. We’re changing that. And working to raise it while we’re at it

💳 Cleo Credit Builder Card

A secured charge card, which, surprise surprise, helps build your credit!

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