How do I set/change my salary?

If you're setting up, you've changed jobs or Cleo's made a mistake, just click here to set your salary. Otherwise, say "change salary" to Cleo and follow her links.

This must be an incoming payment showing up on your transactions list; you cannot yet input the figure manually (we're working on making this increasingly customisable).

How do I change the my payday? Can I budget between payday dates?

You can change your budget start date to correspond with your payday by heading over to this page. Alternatively, say "change payday" to Cleo and hit the 'change payday' button.ย 

I Am Paid Weekly/Bi-Weekly

Currently, we're working on getting Cleo to detect who gets paid weekly or twice a month. For now, your wage will show up as Income. Check back with us soon.

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