How do I recategorise a transaction?

Head to your dashboard, and find the transactions you'd like to recategorise. If you're on your desktop, the category will be displayed to the right of the transaction; if your on your phone, tap directly on the entry to reveal its category,

Click on the current category and select the new category from the dropdown menu. Refresh, et voilà.

Can I make my own categories?

Yep, you can indeed. Just follow the steps above and select '+ Create New' button. Add your category and refresh.

How do I exclude a transaction from showing up in my transaction list?

You can exclude any transactions from appearing in your transactions list (including category and merchant views) which will also exclude it from your budget and insight calculations. 

As before, follow the steps but this time select 'Exclude' from the drop down menu.

Anything different for duplicates?

Click on the duplicate transaction on your dashboard. Hit the cog icon next to the transaction and select 'Mark As Duplicate'. If duplicates keep appearing, come and speak to the team on Intercom (our interactive chat).

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