How do I set a budget?

If you're on your desktop, go to your Dashboard and hit the 'Set a monthly budget' button. If you're chatting to Cleo via FB messenger, simply ask her to "Set Budget" and click on the link provided.

Cleo will suggest a figure based on your current finances, which you can then edit using the - and + buttons. Your budget should account for bills payable; Cleo will deduct these from your budget and remind you when they're due.

Can I change the start date? How do I budget from payday to payday?

If you are paid a monthly salary you can change your budget start date to correspond with your payday by heading over to this page and setting the date.  Alternatively, say "change payday" to Cleo and hit the 'change payday' button. 

Simply tick the box and enter the date that your wage will next be paid. This will not change your budget to equate to your salary.

If you don't have a monthly salary you can still set your income by marking all transactions as "income" and then utilise the new weekly, fortnightly and custom budget settings to work around your pay schedule. 

Can I set up a daily/weekly budget?

In FB messenger say "budget" to Cleo and she will take you though the set up which now includes weekly fortnightly and custom budget setings. 

Under this you'll see a button labelled 'Daily / Weekly', hit this button to see an updated version of you how much have left to spend each day/week to nail your budget.

What about a budget for a specific category/merchant?

Not quite, but we're working on it. What we have are watch categories...

If you have a particular category you would like to track, say "watch category" in you FB messenger and select the one you want to watch. Cleo will notify you when you spend in this category and send across a round-up summary each Saturday.

You can change the category you're watching at anytime by saying "change watch category" and tapping the button. You can only watch one category at a time.

Can I exclude bills/payments from my budget?

Yep, you can exclude any transaction from your budget and insight list. On your transactions list click on the entry label, or directly on the transaction if on mobile, and select "Exclude" from the drop down menu.

Can I set up budget alerts?

Once you've set up your budget, you'll receive a number of notifications to keep you on track. You can also say "budget" at anytime for a live update.

Cleo will let you know how much you've got left, if and when you're overspending and the date on which you're likely to exceed your budget. You can't set up custom alerts just yet...

You cannot yet set up custom alerts. 

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