Some banks address the use of financial aggregators like Cleo in their Terms & Conditions. Some banks understand the benefits of using these services; others exercise more caution.

We understand that it's a bank's responsibility to ensure that their customers are careful with their passwords to help prevent fraud.ย 

At Cleo, and many other financial aggregators, we take security very seriously. We could not, and would not, be in the business if privacy and security was not a prime concern for us. That's why we use the most modern security practises and follow a strict industry-standard approach towards this. We want to build the banking experience of the future, and that vision is shared by the European Commission and many governments and organisations around the world. Banking must move forward, and we are in the race to make it so.ย 

Banks are right to advise caution when customers use their credentials, but for the most part, it is up to you if you want to use a better, more convenient and smarter way to look at your finances.

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