Your Cleo Score is a number from 0 - 100,000 that lets you judge the overall health of your money 💸🏥. We built Cleo Score to give you a clear picture of your finances, and to help you qualify for a Cleo salary advance.

When you unlock your Cleo Score, you’ll automatically qualify for a $30 Salary Advance. You can then boost your Score to unlock higher borrowing.

How do I unlock my Score?

You’ll need to complete a number of Badges and Challenges to unlock your Cleo Score and a $30 Salary Advance 💰. 

Each of the badges is designed to help you improve your money, and also to let Cleo understand the details of your accounts, income, and bills. 

Being able to see your finances clearly means she’s able to tell whether you’ll be able to pay back any Advance's.

What’s my Score based on?

Your Score is unique to you. It’s calculated by Cleo, based on factors like your income, your regular payments, which accounts you’ve connected, and your balance over time.

Where do I find my Score?

Your Score will live in a section of the Cleo app, and you can also ask Cleo for an update any time. Just say ‘Cleo Score’.

You’ll be able to track your progress to unlocking your Score on the app, as well as any challenges and badges you need to do. Once you’ve unlocked your Score, you can see the amount you qualify for - and what you can do to qualify for higher amounts.

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