Badges help you unlock your Cleo Score and qualify for a $30 Advance.

They’re designed to improve the health of your money, and to make sure you’re all set up for Cleo to understand your full financial situation.

Badges include tasks like logging your income 📨 and marking your regular bills 💸.

What are each of the badges? 🏅

1. What’s your income? 💳

Mark your regular income from the payments you've received recently. This helps Cleo understand what you’re being paid.

2. Turn on notifications 📲

Make sure you’ve got notifications turned on in your phone settings. It means that if Cleo needs to update you, you’re more likely to see it.

3. Set up bills 💵

Cleo will show you some of your regular payments - let her know which ones are bills, and which are just normal spending.

4. Set up a budget 💼

Create a budget with Cleo to help track and limit your spending. You can read more about budgets here.

5. Set up a Cleo wallet 🏦

Create a Cleo wallet. It’s like a hidden pocket for you to tuck money away in, and it’s useful for things like an emergency fund.

You can learn more about the Cleo wallet here.

6. Confirm you’re human 👨‍👧

Verify that you’re a real person! It’s important for, you know, if Cleo’s about to advance you some money.

7. Get a roasting 🔥

Let Cleo roast you to hell. It’s fun for her, and hopefully helpful for you.

8. See the big picture 🌇

Get a general overview of your finances, and make sure all the details are correct. Always important to check your working.

What if I've already done some of these things?

If you’ve already done some of these things, you might not see them on your badges screen. That just means you’re ahead of the game, and everyone should be more like you 🤓.

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