Challenges are the big sister to badges.

Like badges, they help you boost the health of your money, which gets you closer to unlocking Cleo Score and a salary advance. But challenges are a bit more, well, challenging 🙃. Some of them can take up to 30 days to complete.

Challenges include things like keeping your balance above zero, and making sure you save a small amount of money over a period of time.

You’ll be given different challenges depending on your financial situation. For all of them, though, the goal is to make sure you’re on the way to a healthier situation with your money.

Do I need to do all of them to unlock my Cleo Score?

You’ll be a given a set number of challenges that you’ll need to do in order to unlock Cleo Score. That could be 1! Or it could be a few more than that.

They’re designed to help you become eligible for a salary advance, but what that looks like depends on the exact state of your money.

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