The most important thing you can do is complete all the badges and challenges 💪.

Do that, and you’ll automatically qualify for a $30 Salary Advance, as well as unlock your own personal Cleo Score.

Badges and challenges are designed to help you improve the overall health of your money, and make you eligible for an advance.

I can’t complete some of the badges and challenges 😓

To make sure you’re able to repay a Salary Advance, Cleo has to confirm some basics about your finances. Those include having:

A regular income between $500 and $1250:
If you’re not paid regularly, you earn less than the required amount, or you do most of your spending in cash, it may be difficult to qualify for a Salary Advance.

A reasonable split between card spending and cash withdrawals:
If you’re struggling with keeping your balance above 0, or cutting your spending, why not make a budget? Say ‘budget’ to get started.

Your main spending accounts are connected to Cleo:
If Cleo can't spot your spending accounts, she won't be able to track your income or gage your ability to repay a Salary Advance

Those are just some of the factors that Cleo takes into account, but they’re important in helping Cleo understand your financial situation.

At the same time, we know that things are particularly tough right now, so if you need targeted help, say ‘survival kit’ to Cleo to get help with issues relating to COVID-19.

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