Cleo knows who has been hit the hardest.

Cleo is able to detect any immediate income changes for its users, alongside daily spending behaviour and based on this will be able to detect and randomly pick from a selection of users who have been financially affected by Covid-19 to potentially be gifted $250.

The Receiver will have expressed they need a little more help at the moment.

The recipient will have opted into Cleo’s survival kit which is already helping them to stay on track through this time and Cleo will have identified that they are currently having a harder than usual time.

Other than that it is totally random.

Cleo will randomly identify someone who matches the criteria and send them the $250 along with the messages of those who have contributed.

How will I know when my gift has helped?

You will receive a receipt for your payment and then you can follow us on social to see the impact it has made.

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