To receive $250 from the Random Acts of Relief you will need:

  • To be in the UK or US

  • A connected bank account

  • Have a wallet set up, this is where we will deposit the $250

  • Sign up to our survival kit, just say “survival kit” to Cleo and she will get you started

How will Cleo choose me?

Once you have done the above Cleo will use her knowledge of your income to detect any immediate income changes, alongside daily spending behaviour and based on this will be able to detect and randomly pick from a selection of users who have been financially affected by Covid-19 to potentially be gifted $250

How long will I have to claim the $250?

You will have 48 hours from the time you receive the notification to accept the gift. If you fall outside of this timeframe we will give the $250 to someone else so keep an eye on your notifications!

The rest is random.

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