So, you want to sign up for Cleo Plus to level up your financial health, but Cleo won’t accept the card you submitted? Try the following 👇 :

Solutions 🚀

Try again – often when this happens, you may have simply typed a digit or two incorrectly. Please double check your card details are correct and resubmit.

Prepaid card – unfortunately, we don’t accept prepaid cards for Cleo Plus. If you have attempted to submit a prepaid card, please submit alternative card details.

Online banking – you must have your online banking fully set up to connect your card and use your account for Cleo Plus. Please ensure you have done so and then resubmit your card details.

Verification – you may need to submit verification documents, such as a government ID, passport or driver’s license. After this, please resubmit your card details.

Contact support – if your card is still not being accepted after you have tried the above solutions, please contact our support team and we can investigate further and solve this problem for you 🙌

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