What is the Cleo Credit Builder card?

The Cleo Visa ® credit builder is a secured charge card, that helps your credit score go ⏫. With no minimum deposit, zero additional fees, and no hard credit checks, our card lets you build credit, while spending like it's a debit.

But, like... how?

  • Put some cash on your Cleo Visa® credit builder card, and that's your new balance.
  • Use Cleo to buy and pay for the things you'd normally buy.
  • Cleo then reports your spending to the 3 major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, & Equifax)
  • This means Cleo helps your build your score overtime.

Is there a fee?

Paying interest is so over. Traditional credit cards charge you a monthly interest rate on your revolving balance, and many of them have yearly fees.

Cleo's credit builder is a zero-fee, zero-interest card funded by you! You set your credit limits with each deposit, and you control how high that score gets overtime.

The Cleo Credit Builder Card is offered under Cleo’s subscription model, where you pay a monthly fee to access all of Cleo's financial coaching and tough love.

Do I have a credit limit?

Because your credit limit is set by the funds you add to your security deposit account, your credit limit is totally up to you.

If you add $200 to your security, your credit limit becomes $200.

(This deposit is held in a secure account with our banking partner WebBank.)

Cleo is on a mission to improve the financial health of the world, so where traditional credit cards require you to meet certain credit score criteria, Cleo's Visa® credit builder wants you to come as you are. Together we can create a badass financial future.

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