First things first, thanks for the feedback! We heard how difficult the "Talk to Cleo" challenge was and have since removed it from our classifier.

A bit of context:

The Salary Advance was designed to bridge the gap to payday so when you find yourself in a financial emergency, that's where Cleo can help. However, Cleo wants to make sure that you can comfortably pay her back and that's where the badges come in.

We are constantly reevaluating eligibility standards, as such you might see older badges being reset, but don't worry! You won't start from square one, we take your progress and consider it with the new parameters.

Cleo's algorithm is dynamic and is always looking at your financial habits and health. Just because you qualify for $20 today, doesn't mean you won't qualify for $40 after leveling up your money moves.

Cleo's mission is to better the world's financial health through analysis, recommendations and some tough love, but we're also listening to your feedback and constantly trying to make the app as equitable as possible.

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