Why is Cleo telling me to check back later?!

  • Cleo is a financial analyst and a habit changer. Her main directive is try and help all of us have a better relationship with our hard-earned money.

  • Unlike other apps, Cleo's main goal is to improve your habits so you don't rely on these types of emergency funds as often.

  • No but really, Cleo is trying to break the cycle of payday lending, and the cool-off is a way of helping our users better plan their money moves.

When can I ask for another advance?

  • The cool-off period lasts a full twenty-four hours from when you last repaid your advance. ex: You paid on Monday at 2:30pm, your cool-off will automatically be lifted the following day on Tuesday at 2:31pm.

It's an emergency, can I cancel the cool-off?

  • Unfortunately, there's no way for us to go above Cleo's head on this one. However, the wait begins the minute you initiate the payment, so that means you're already closer to qualifying for another advance!

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