How do I activate my virtual Visa® Credit Builder card?

Go on and do the damn thing! Once you finish signing up for Premium, you'll be able to view your card details and make online payments by tapping the card details button in the spend tab.

How do I freeze my card?

If you wanna protect yourself from yourself, or if you'd like to freeze your card for any reason, our customer support team can help!

  • Head over to the spend tab (I've Got Questions section) and tap ‘I need help with my card’
  • Once Cleo replies you with a list of potential actions to take, tell her you need to “talk to a human”, which should take you to our human team.
  • Once you reach customer support, our agents should be able to freeze your card (just make sure you let them know!)

Can I cancel my card?!

  • If you want to cancel your card, follow the steps above only select "cancel/reorder card" and Cleo's humans will help from there!

What about getting a new one?

  • If your card is lost and you need a new one: hit "cancel/reorder card" and let the humans know you need a replacement.
  • If your card was stolen or compromised, hit "cancel/reorder card" and tell the humans this is the case! They'll handle the rest.
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