As of Monday 24th October card cash advances will be possible via an ATM.

What are the fees for accessing cash via an ATM?

There is a $2.50 fee every time you get a card cash advance via an ATM. Plus, the ATM provider may charge you an additional fee at their discretion.

What are my Card Cash Advance Limits?

You can access up to 90% of your credit limit via an ATM.

Provided you have more than these figures in your security account, you can receive:

  • up to $300 per day but you cannot receive a card cash advance more than twice in one day via an ATM

  • a maximum of $400 in a week

  • at most $600 in a month

ATM owner-operators may impose their own lower limits and fees when you use their ATMs.

Can I add money to my security deposit via an ATM?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to accept deposits of any kind from an ATM.

The only way to add money to the security deposit of your Cleo Credit Builder Card is from within the Cleo app.

To add funds to your security deposit, head over to the spend tab in your Cleo app and hit the 'add money' button. This should spin up a screen, where you’ll be able to add funds from.

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